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Can you imagine reading in one of these during a rainstorm?

Imagine having this though. No wind. No bugs. No critters. You’re own little bubble. I legitimately need this in my life.

Imagine forcing a cat in there with you  

there are two types of people

What if you farted and you couldn’t get out and you pretty much gassed yourself to death

so there are three types of people



So I’m doing a reread of Tamora Pierce’s Tortall books for the umpteenth time, and this was the first time I noticed something. On the very first page of The First Adventure, Thom says “I don’t want to be a knight! I want to be a great sorcerer! I want to slay demons and walk with the gods”. Alanna then goes on to become a knight and do both those things in that very book, and the second a number of times through her series while Thom, though he does become a powerful sorcerer, does neither.

first of all how dare you

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